Sunday, 26 December 2010


Am I the only person here who watches this video and instead of laughing, is absolutely terrified. Now before I begin I love America. I think its an amazing country, with Barrack Obama, Kool-aid, Jerry Springer and so much more, but then there are people like this, people who don't know (i) how many sides a triangle has or (ii) what countries THEY are at war with! The most terrifying part is, these are the people who will be in power. These are the members of The Tea Party movement who have some unbelievable ability to say illogical statements whilst being ignorant to common sense. These are people who when putting their political argument forward, quote from the Bible! It really scares me, this is the most powerful country IN THE WORLD! Yet they are also the most ignorant (a study done in America). I know the vast majority of Americans are normal, sane, intellectual people, but its the idiots who are starting to get power.


  1. Time to face the music, I guess; Americans have been bashed all over the place lately but, one has to say, they did deserve it. :S

  2. Also, following and supporting! :)

  3. USA was founded by great minds... this reminds me of devolution by korn...

    if you notice high IQ families have less childs than low IQ ones