Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Hipster Photography

Any English boarding school has certain requirements, one of those being the majority of people are self absorbs 'indie kids'. People who:
  1. dress constantly in jeans so tight they look like a character from a Tim Burton film. 
  2. Talk about their 'indie' music, meaning they're conversations turn into 'who knows the most obscure band competition' yet somehow,
  3. get offended when you call them indie. 
  4. Walk around with some gigantic camera around their neck. 
Its hard to explain to these people that they are not photographer, but, to put it bluntly; faggots with a camera. Its even harder to tell them that anyone can do what they do. They are not artistic, but just walk around with a camera taking pictures of things, with a 'black and white' effect for extra 'hipster points'. I hope maybe you'll enjoy my piece of photography, entitled "Anything is 'Indie' if you make it black and white"

 I took these out the window of my car with my phone, 
notice how easy it would be to bullshit these off as 'artistic'

This is my friends juice bottle, proof that any household
 object, can be turned into a shitty hipster photo.

 A view of the school drive.
 A mug, for fuck sake, a mug.


  1. I love the last, shows emptiness!

  2. In the first you can see the reflection, but I like the rest

  3. I like the first pic, and the one with the cup

  4. All those photos have such deep and obscure meaning! [/hipster speak]

  5. I'd take a hipster any day over a bitter bigoted ignorant homophobe.