Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots

As the London riots seem to be the only thing on the news I thought I'd have an unguided ramble about them. Firstly the reason. I can't seem to work out why the shooting of a man would cause such a reaction not just in London, but through out the country. It seems blatantly obvious that most rioters have jumped on the bandwagon just to break, steal and blow stuff up. This is what irritates me so much, that in many parts of the middle east there has been similar behavior, some more violent, some less so. Except these people are attempting to revolutionize their corrupt, dictatorial politcal system. If the London riots were politically motivated either by the Police shooting or the economic situation etc. They would be targeting Police stations or government buildings and would make at least some attempt to publicize their reasons. They seem to be aimlessly running around destroying other peoples property which then ruins their livelihood and income. They achieve nothing at all but the repercussions of their actions are huge.  

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  1. Guess people only wanted a reason to get mad.
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